Listen To Ianto:

Do you blindly accept the world view perpetrated by self-interested academics and politicians, or are you willing to look beyond the lies we’re spoon-fed from birth? Ianto Watt, aka the Last Welsh Barbarian, dares to look past everything we unquestioningly accept as truth.  Written as a conversation between Watt and his grandchild, The Barbarian’s Bible introduces the reader to four distinct sociopolitical groups (and their impostors) who have controlled civilization for the last two thousand years. Using simple math, liar’s logic, and a keen understanding of human nature, Watt reveals how these four powerful sects squabble and scheme for world domination. The concepts Watt puts forward are both disruptive and controversial.  Many people, especially the English-speaking inheritors of Imperial Rome, will find Watt upsetting and offensive.  This suits him fine.  He doesn’t ask you to agree with him without question, but he does demand you think.  For without thought, we’re all doomed. But to avoid this doom, we must educate ourselves.  To do this, just click on one of the links above and start your education now! Then email me at or click here to let me know your thoughts.