As I’ve said in my book, The Barbarian Bible, these Barbarian people spend their entire lives trying to flee to either The Empire, or to Holy Rome. After all, who wants to live their life in a mud hut or a favela on the outskirts of some Third World capital? But truth be told, this is exactly where the battle has moved in the war between Imperial Rome and Holy Rome. This is the last uncontested ground in this 2,000 year War between Romulus and Remus, and it’s not really clear who’s winning. But that won’t keep us from pinpointing the action. After all, we already know the tactics of both sides. And once you learn the primary rule (ignore their words, watch their moves) you’ll be able to understand what each skirmish means in the ongoing battle to dominate (or free) these last un-conquered folks. Look for lots of (nuclear) action in the Hindu, Muslim and Chinese lands as they commit collective suicide. Meanwhile, keep an eye on the Empire as it mops up the remnants of Afrika and the Latino world, and any surviving Muslims.