Chosen Ones

Like every good card game, there’s a wild card in the deck. That would be The Chosen Ones. And why not? They’ve filled that role for their entire history. Just ask Pharaoh! But things are a little different now, since the Fall of Jerusalem in 70 AD. Now these guys are playing with a grudge. The Big Grudge. Against everybody. But that’s not really fair of me to say, because there’s really only about 50,000 of these people left. They still follow Mosaic Law. They are called the Karaites. It’s their impostors, the Rabbinic and Secular Ones, that are out to win at any cost. And that’s a different story. Check out those Rabbis and Rabble-Rousers in the Impostor section on The Chosen Ones for the rest of this story.