Eco – Evo Idiots

Well, here’s the last of the impostors. These are the guys who actually think mankind is getting smarter. They haven’t noticed that the last 100 years hasn’t done much to support that theory (you know, little things like WWI, WWII, the Holocaust, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Chernobyl, 9/ 11, I could go on, but why?). They’re also the idiots that have predicted everything from Global Famine to Global Cooling to Global Warming to Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence for the last 100 years. I hope they’re right on the ETI part, because there isn’t much down here. At least, not on their part. But that won’t stop them, as they strive to save the Whales and emasculate the Males. They’ve already accomplished half of that, at least amongst themselves. And their leader, Richard Dawkins, will make sure the rest of us learn the lessons they are dying to teach us. Wait, did I say they were dying to teach us? I meant, they’re teaching us to die. Yet they don’t believe that example is the best means of teaching. Oh well, I’m sure they mean well. NOT!