Fight the Silence!

Well, how can you fight the Empire? It’s simple, we have to fight the silence! There’s 3 ways to do that, but few people can do all three. The first one is to laugh! Laugh at the Emperor (who is naked, of course), and laugh at his Empire! Make fun of him and his lackeys. Remember, laughter is good for the soul, and it makes the Emperor feel stupid. It weakens his ability to spread fear, which is his greatest weapon.  And that’s good, for everyone!

The second way to resist the Empire is by speaking up, of course. But before you can speak up, you have to have something to say. And what will you say? See the problem? That’s why you need to read The Barbarian Bible, so you’ll know whose face is on the other side of Caesar’s Coin (it’s not pretty, by the way).

And if you read the book, and want to speak up, but you still don’t know what to say, there’s another way to resist the Empire. You can give Caesar’s Coin to me. I’ll speak up for you. I’m already doing it. But it isn’t easy and it sure ain’t cheap. So help me speak for all of us Barbarians as we resist Caesar and his 3-Front War on the Barbarian lands. Hit the ‘Donate’ button and send me what you can, and I’ll see to it that it goes towards the defense of The Little Guys. Guys like you and me. And how will I do it? I’ll give it to some poor soul that is in the cross-hairs of life. Someone who can use a little brotherly love, sent from a fellow ‘zek’ here in the Gulag.

And no, anything you give will NOT be tax deductible as a charitable contribution. Why? Because I’m not going to register as some idiot ‘tax-exempt’ charity. That would mean I couldn’t talk about the truth. That’s the whole point of the ‘tax-exempt’ game. If you file for this treatment, the IRS (the ultimate WMD) gets to muzzle you. So I’ll pay whatever tax is due on these contributions, and use the rest to resist the Empire.

How do you know I’ll keep my word? You don’t! But let me ask you this- has anyone you’ve known ever spoken like this against The Empire? Do YOU want to try it? Hahahah! Right! So, if you feel like taking a chance and trusting someone (when was the last time you could do that?), then welcome to the Barbarian Legions. And thanks for Resisting the Empire!

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