Holy Romans

Holy Rome, like Imperial Rome, occupies the same geographic spot in history. It also shares the same ancestor, Aeneas, the Dardanian Prince who escaped from Troy as it fell to the Greeks. Aeneas was prophesied by Calchas, the Greek Seer, to be the one who would found a Sacred City on the River Tiber that would rule the world till the end of time. The question was (and still is), was this Imperial Rome, or Holy Rome? Did Romulus really win when he killed his brother Remus? Or is this battle still going on? If you look at the past two millennia, it’s clear that while Imperial Rome still controls the surface world, the Catacombs of Rome have put the Empire on the run. First the Empire fled to Constantinople, and then to London, and now, with the Empire split again, the final locus of Imperial power is in New York. And amazingly enough, Holy Rome has followed in pursuit, as you consider that the 3 largest nations of Holy Rome are Brazil, Mexico, and the US! Where will the final showdown take place, and who will be the actors? Read on!