Imperial Romans

Just as in the ancient past, the world is still ruled by the Roman Empire. The costumes may look different, but the strategy, tactics (and even a surprising amount of the language) are still the same. And just like in the time of Emperor Diocletian, the Empire is divided into two halves. The Eastern Empire has its capital in London, and the West is ruled from New York. The goal of the Empire is also still the same- world domination. If you cooperate with the Empire, you may live in peace (as a slave, of course). If you resist, you will have the undivided attention of the Emperor and his men. If you do this openly (like the Iraqis did), you will get open aggression. If you resist passively, you will become a target in their Three-Front War against the Barbarian Lands. If you want to know what this means for you, keep reading!