Each of our four primary groups of mankind has a major (and often some minor) impostors. These impostors like to take the same names as their real counterpart, and to hijack much of their vocabulary. But when you scratch the surface of these impostors, you find that the meanings they ascribe to this hijacked vocabulary actually have an opposite meaning from the original. Why do they do this?  To confuse you, of course! And to make you think that they are the real deal. All the better to keep you from seeing the big picture. So when you look at each of the four original groups headlined on the navigation bar on the main page, you’ll see that group’s major impostor on the drop-down menu. Read them both, and see if you agree with me that these 8 groups (4 real ones, 4 impostors) truly do constitute the vast majority of mankind. And once you see the truth of this, then seeing the rest of the big picture becomes easy. So read  on, and see what’s coming!