Orthodox & Prots

And here’s the next great impostor, the Bizarro image of Holy Rome. The Orthodox are the operational descendants of the Greeks who besieged Troy. And after wasting ten years on open aggression (and with Troy still standing), they decided to switch tactics. Under the guidance of Odysseus, the world’s greatest liar, they went from Wrath to Deceit as their new Operating System. And it worked! The Trojan Horse was all it took to mesmerize those Trojan idiots, and the rest is history. Not that anyone remembers it, let alone learned from it. But that’s OK, because we’re going to see this lesson taught again, but this time it will happen to both Imperial and Holy Rome. And why not? After all, Aeneas escaped from Troy and founded Rome. So why wouldn’t the lesson be the same? Caveat emptor, my friends; beware of Greeks bearing gifts!