More conversation with my Grandson:

Grandpa, why does everyone say you’re so mean?

Well, grandson, it’s because I speak my mind. I don’t dance around the elephants in the room. This means I end up offending a lot of people, especially the Emperor and his dolts.  But remember this, my boy, if you want to play offense, you have to be offensive.  Offense scores, defense snores.  Nobody changes while they’re comfortable. And so, if you want progress, you have to make people uncomfortable. The surest way to do that is to speak the truth! And then to laugh at them. Hahahahah!


Grandpa, why does everyone think you’re against America?

It’s because they confuse the Republic with the Empire, grandson.  It’s nothing new, people have been doing that for 2,000 years.  Some of them do it deliberately. Why? To keep the people confused. America was once a republic, but it was murdered early on. The first stab wound was in 1804, in the case before the Supreme Court, known as Marbury vs. Madison. That was when the court asserted its supremacy over the two other parts of the Republic, known as the Legislature and the Executive (congress and the president).  The Constitution makes absolutely no mention of this power to declare a law to be un-Constitutional. In fact, it gives Congress and the President the power to limit the scope of the Court’s power (Article III, Section 2, subsection 2). Think of it this way; what would happen if either Congress or the President declared a Supreme Court ruling to be un-constitutional? Why wouldn’t that idea be just as valid? But that would lead to chaos, right? Instead, we have accepted what happened in 1804, and it has led to the slavery of everyone.  Judges are tyrants, grandson. Remember that.

The next wound was delivered by Lincoln, when he acted like Caesar and plunged us into the Civil War. He killed more Americans than anyone else in history, for the purpose of creating the all-powerful centralized government we now know as the Empire. The war was needless, because Lincoln could have bought the slaves out of slavery just like Angland did in the 1830’s, without war. Instead, Lincoln made everyone a slave of the government.  And since there’s no real difference now between the former two groups (blacks and whites), everyone mistakes equality for freedom. Slaves are equal. Only citizens are free. You can’t be both.

The last wound, when the Republic finally died, was in 1913 when President Wilson gave away our Treasury Department to the newly created Federal Reserve Bank (which is simply a branch office of The Bank of London). Then Wilson pledged the blood of his slaves (of every color) to the meat grinder of World War I. In return for this treason, he was named the western Caesar in the newly divided Empire. Remember, when the original Empire was divided, there was a Caesar in each half. But there was only one Augustus, who ruled over both of them. The Augustus of today, by the way, owns both the Bank of London and the Federal Reserve. And the Augustus governs by The Golden Rule.  He who has the gold, makes the rules.

Anyway, there are very few people alive today who actually lived under the old American Republic. They would have to be 101 years old, or older. So anyone who opposes the Western Caesar isn’t against the Republic. They aren’t against the old (but dead) concept of America. They are against the Empire.


Who is the Augustus, grandpa?

As best as I can figure, grandson, the Augustus isn’t a single person, it is a group. Or a family, actually. A large, interconnected and inter-married family.  That’s why their dominance and control can last generation after generation. The best example I can give you is the Cosa Nostra.  You know, the Mafia. But these guys aren’t Sicilian. Or Irish. But some of them are Anglish, by way of marriage. They would be known as British Israelites, in my book. The others are Israelite British. Like Lord Rothschild. If you want to know what he’s like, just put a ‘W’ in front of his last name.


Why doesn’t anyone do something about this, grandpa?

Because they are all too busy trying to survive, grandson. When you’ve got debts to pay, the clock never stops ticking on the interest. And everyone is in debt. In debt either personally or as a ‘citizen’ who owns part of the national debt. What a thing to ‘own’, eh? Either way, people today have their daily bread taken from them before they can eat it. Either the bank takes it or the Emperor takes it. What difference does it make if it’s Augustus or Caesar who takes it?

And besides that, how can you fight the Empire? It would be one thing if everyone knew who their real enemy was, but they don’t. That’s because everyone has been ‘educated’ in the Emperor’s schools, where they keep you confused. Remember this, grandson, the real function of public schools (and most parochial schools as well anymore) is to serve as the Public Temple. And the teachers are the Emperor’s oracles. His mouthpiece. They peddle the party line, just as the schools of Moscow peddle Putin’s line.  Just like this concept of Republic vs. Empire, these Public Temples aren’t about to tell the truth on subjects like this. Not to mention the confusion that ‘American Exceptionalism’ causes.


What is Exceptionalism, grandpa? I didn’t understand it when we talked before.

Grandson, that’s this whole idea that the rules of civilized life apply to everyone, ‘except The Empire’? And why don’t they apply to her? Because, according to the Emperor, it’s because America (who is now actually the Empire) is exceptional. A shining city on a hill, a beacon of freedom to everyone, a fount of democracy. Never mind that each of these slogans has been used to lead us into wars that we had no business being in. This concept that we are exceptional has led to our current schizoid behavior, where the village of My Lai or the nation of Iraq has to be destroyed in order to save it. Save it from what? From us!

And this concept of Exceptionalism has been the means of further confusing our fellow ‘citizens’ and keeping us in mental and material slavery.  Have you noticed that everyone embraces this idea for a personal reason?  The Protestants accept it because they think it makes them better Christians.  Catholics do it because they think it makes them better Americans.  Both do it because they confuse the Empire with the Republic. And they both confuse Imperial Rome with Holy Rome. And so they both enlist in the army of the Emperor. All it brings them is poverty or death. Or both.


So is Vladimir Putin of Russia a bad man, grandpa?

Of course he is, grandson! Just because he is opposed to the Emperors in the West doesn’t make him a good guy. He just wants their job! He’s the pretender to the throne, and all he wants to do is what they are doing- ruling the slaves here in our half of the world. He likes warm weather too, and he’d love to have a dacha in Pebble Beach.

But that doesn’t mean that the people of Russia are our enemies. They are slaves too, just like us. And actually, they have been enslaved for a much longer time. For over a thousand years. Ever since the Russian people invited the Vikings to rule them in the North and the Rabbis to rule them in the South of Russia.  Bad decisions have lasting consequences, grandson. Remember that.


So can we ever be free again, grandpa?

Well, the first thing you must understand, grandson, is that even slaves can be free. Mentally and spiritually free, that is. Just look at the slaves of the first Empire of Rome. They gained their spiritual and intellectual freedom from Imperial Rome. How did they do this? By giving their allegiance to Holy Rome. And Holy Rome never promised them that they would be physically free, because no man is ever truly free in the physical sense of the word. After all, we all die, eh? And so, the only way to be truly free is to be happy with the knowledge that we are going to die, and to welcome that fate. Because that is the only occurrence that will allow us to enjoy total freedom in the next life. Assuming that we make the right choice of who to believe in this life.


But how can we resist the Emperor, grandpa?

I’ve already told you, grandson.  You have to give your allegiance to the only one that can make you happy to accept your eventual earthly fate- death. And you can’t do that until you see that death releases us from the cares of this life of slavery to the Emperor. But you won’t be able to do that until you’re sure that the one you choose to believe in will take care of you in the next life. And so, before you can resist the earthly Emperor successfully, you have to have chosen another ruler that you have total confidence in. For me, that is Holy Rome, and her Emperor. His name is Iesus Nazarinus, Rex Iudeaorum. Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews. INRI, for short.

Once you accept him as your eternal Emperor, you can relax, because you’ve got your long-term future secured. And once you’re able to relax (and that’s hard to do in The Empire), then you can engage in the most subversive activity possible- laughter!!!! Yes, grandson, laughter is the key to resisting the Empire. Why?  Because it reveals your refusal to believe the crap the Emperor feeds us all, in the media, in the Public Temples, and in all of the Bizarro institutions that masquerade as Holy Rome.  How can you tell if something is a front for The Empire?  Simple, grandson. Just look and see if it is also selling a version of American Exceptionalism. If it is, look at it and laugh at it. Make fun of its idiot logic. Mock its Darwinian doctrines. Have fun, call people idiots, right to their face! It’s very liberating. And very fun!


What’s Russia going to do next, grandpa?

Well, Mr. Putin is a very busy man, grandson. It takes a lot of work to try and overpower the Caesars in Old York and New York. But believe me, he is up to the task! Just remember, his ultimate aim is to make Moscow the openly acknowledged Third Rome, by everyone. In other words, he wants to be the new Augustus. And his tactic is very simple. It is a mirror of the Great Game, in which the west has tried to encircle Russia for 300 years, to contain her ambitions. And while her ambitions are not in anyone’s best interests (except Vlad’s, currently), that doesn’t mean that The Emperor’s ambitions are any better.

Anyway, if I was Vlad, here’s what I would do, now that the appetizers (Crimea) have been served. I would go where no one is looking. No one in the usual news world, that is. And where would that be?  In South America, of course. And Africa. Let Europe stay fixated on the Ukraine for now, while I make hay in the south. And South America, truth be told, is close to becoming a Russian playground. Laugh if you want, but there’s a lot of people there, grandson, and a lot of market power. And anyone who has his ear to the ground will tell you (in Spanish or Portuguese) that The Empire of the North is Exceptionally despised in the South. Why is that? Because of the Three-Front War the Emperor has been conducting against the inhabitants of these Barbarian Lands. All of which makes it easy for Vlad to make headway in buying allegiance against The Emperor.


Grandpa, why do you call the English ‘the Anglish Bastards’?

Well, there’s two reasons, grandson. The first is that the English are actually Anglish, both in their genetic and ecclesial lineage. The second, of course, is that they are bastards. I know, that sounds harsh, but it’s true. After all, the real meaning of a bastard is someone who doesn’t know who their father is. And that’s exactly the case with these idiots. Once Henry changed the Mass, everyone forgot who their daddy was. Huh? Look, here’s what I mean- when Henry broke from Rome, the way he did it was very simple. He only changed one thing in the religion of Rome. He took out the name of the Pope (which is Italian for ‘Papa’, or daddy) in the Canon of the Mass. And then he put his own name in the Pope’s place (aka, The King). And so, he changed it from a Universal (Roman) church into a Nationalistic (Anglican) church. Thus he created what I call Western Orthodoxy, as a mirror image of Eastern Orthodoxy. Both had all the sacraments, both had valid clergy, and both were (and still are) under the thumb of the local king. Henry knew exactly what he was doing!

Yes, I know, the Anglish have watered religious things down over the past 500 years, and Henry wouldn’t recognize the Anglican Church today. But he wouldn’t care, because he got what he wanted- all the wealth of the Church, which he passed out to his buddies. The new nobility, who were now in his debt. Pretty convenient trick. But the upshot was that the people now had nothing to shield them from their new ‘step-daddy’. The Pope wasn’t there to protect them from the ravages of Henry and Elizabeth’s wars and greed. That’s what happens in a divorce, son. You get a blended family, where all loyalties are divided. What’s that, grandson? A ‘blended family’? That’s the name people use when there’s more than one daddy. Think of it this way- take a dog and a cat and put them in a blender, and turn it on. Wait a few seconds, and that’s what a blended family looks like- a bloody mess! And that’s what happened in Britain, when Henry turned them into Anglish bastards. We have to pray for them, grandson. And we have to resist their faithless King, and his Empire.