Rabbis & Rabble Rousers

And now we’re going to look at the greatest of the impostors. The impostors of the Chosen Ones. Am I saying they’re not Chosen also? Of course not. I’m simply pointing out that they have absolutely nothing in common (beyond their DNA) with Moses and his God. These folks have decided they’re tired of waiting for the messiah. And who needs him, right? Especially when you can see him every morning in the mirror, right? After all, these Chosen Ones (Rabbinic and Secular Jews) are doing just fine without him, thank you. And with just a little more time and effort (and the cooperation of a lot of idiots), they will have successfully conquered the world! And what will this world look like? Well, it won’t be pretty, because these guys are carrying a grudge. A very Big Grudge. So look out, all you Gentiles!