Russia – Royals & Reds

And now we get to the first of the Great Impostors. The nation of Russia is fated to be the tipping point of all history. Whichever way she goes will drag the rest of us along for the ride. Will it be over the cliff or over the rainbow? That answer is hanging in the balance, as she herself can’t decide which way to go. And the choices are hard, for everyone involved. But when she finally emerges from her 1,000 years in suspended animation (in the icebox of the North) there’s going to be a lot of pain that comes from her eventual choice. A choice she will have to make soon. Russia must either strike the West hard (and soon), or else fade into black. Why? Because her oil and her people are running out of time, fast. But wait, is there a third choice? Can Russia ever be anything more than an Impostor of Rome? Either Rome? Read on and see!